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Pain Free 250ct.

Maximum strength pain reliever for severe headaches, colds and muscle aches. The #1 pain reliever in American industry today. Compares to American First Aid "Pain Away"

Price: $13.50

Ibuprofin 250ct.

Effective non-prescription analgesic, non-aspirin, anti-inflammatory fever reducer that provides relief from minor aches and pains."

Price: $13.50

Antacid 100ct.

Dual action cherry-flavored antacid tablet that promotes fast, superior relief from heartburn and upset stomach while retaining the stomach acid/base balance. With two active ingredients, Magnacal gives effective relief to a wider variety of people."

Price: $5.50

(Antihistamine Cold Relief) 100ct.

Multi-symptom antihistamine cold tablet that works well with symptoms associated with allergies."

Price: $9.50

Fedrin (Allergy Relief) 100ct.

This is our maximum strength allergy tablet. For the temporary relief of minor aches, pains, headache and nasal congestion associated with sinusitis, hay fever, and other upper respiratory ailments."

Price: $10.50

(Menstrual Cramp Relief) 100ct.

For the temporary relief of minor aches, pains, and pains associated with overindulgence. Also relieves temporary water weight gain, bloating, swelling and the full feeling associated with menstrual symptoms."

Price: $9.90

Assorted Cough Drops 50ct.

These pleasant tasting drops relieve cough and throat irritation caused by colds. Comes in ssorted citrus."

Price: $6.20

Chloresin (Decongestant) 100ct.

Powerful decongestant contains no aspirin or antihistamines and does not cause drowsiness. Relieves cold, hay fever and sinus symptoms. Contains an expectorant to clear congestion for faster recovery."

Price: $11.50