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S-Cold Surface Coolant

Surface coolant that draws heat away from burns, reduces swelling from bruises and sprains and eases pain.

6 ounce can - $3.85


Burn Septic

Perhaps the most widely used of all the aerosol products in the first aid field. This water soluble, non-staining antiseptic with two anesthetics promotes quick pain relief with active ingredients such as benzalkonium chloride and aloe to promote healing. It is the most effective burn relief available and washes off easily.

5 ounce can - $4.75


Medi-Band Spray Bandage

This non-staining, spray-on bandage promotes natural healing and most importantly helps fight infection. For people working around petroleum-based products; it will stay on and provide protection by keeping the wound clean. Good for cuts, blisters, abrasions and hard to bandage areas such as the scalp. We like to call it a "Bandaid in a Can." Washes off easily with soap and water.

4.2 ounce can - $4.25


Antiseptic Spray

This hospital-strength antiseptic kills bacteria and reduces the chance of infection. A water based product, it contains benzocaine to help reduce the pain.

4.3 ounce can - $4.25


Aero-Stat Blood Clotting Spray

Medicated spray used to stop superficial bleeding and form a protective shield that aids in healing while preventing infection.

3 ounce can - $8.25