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At Louisville Fire & Safety we take pride in our top quality service, maintenance, inspection and recharging of all fire extinguishers; from hand portable to large wheeled extinguishers specially designed and built for protection of large hazardous areas. We also offer hydrostatic testing for all sizes and types of cylinders. Our service representatives are familiar with code requirements and can make the proper recommendations. Call us and find out why we have become known throughout Kentucky and Indiana as a first rate fire and safety contractor.
Louisville Fire & Safety follows a thorough 12 step process.
We will:
  1. MARK all extinguishers with the proper labels

  1. IDENTIFY locations of extinguishers for you with prominent signs making them easy to find in an emergency.

  1. SCRUTINIZE equipment, looking for defective parts or elements.

  1. VERIFY the hydro-test and maintenance dates.

  1. WEIGH the extinguishers when required to assure they properly charged.

  1. SURVEY any damage to the pressure gauge and clarity of the cover lens.

  1. REMOVE the safety pull pin to confirm freedom of movement.

  1. INSTALL a new tamper seal.

  1. CHECK discharge hose for obstructions or cracks.

  1. PROBE the valve assembly for flaws.

  2. RE-HANG the extinguisher.

  3. ATTACH new service tags.
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